30 daysUSD 33.33/day x 30days = USD 1,000
90 days‏(Save USD 60): USD 32.67/day x 90days = USD 2,940
180 days‏(Save USD 240): USD 32/day x 180days = USD 5,760
360 days‏(Save USD 600): USD 31.67/day x 360days = USD 11,400
Payment modeCredit/Debit Card or Online Transfer ‏(Payable to nearest local Ekar office)

Advert listing

Edit online adsAdvert image and link can be changed at anytime ‏(example, change of promo). Offline time ‏(re-approval required) will be added and a new expiry date will be assigned to the advert

Advert placement

PlacementVarious - ‏(Homepage, Search button, top left sidebar, navigations, contact form, above footer)
Front-endAll pages
Back-endAll pages
SlotsAll Ads slots are equally divided


Ad ImageWe require 2 ad images per advert, 1 Rectangular and 1 Banner. Both are similar in aspect-ratio to other ad-platforms ‏(less redesigning required)
Rectangular SizeWidth: 250px. Height: 208px
Banner SizeWidth: 728px. Height: 90px
Image formatJPG. 100% Quality


Re-compressedImages are re-compressed to 85%
Border1px border WILL BE ADDED ‏(outside)
Border color#dedede ‏(R:222 G:222 B:222)

Download ad sample


Account features

ConsoleIncluded. Monitor advert, impressions & clicks